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hotels in munnar kerala

Places to visit in Munnar after covid

hotels in munnar kerala

best hotels in munnar

hotels in munnar kerala

Munnar is one of the popular tourist destination in Kerala. Unlike other destinations, there are several places in Munnar that you can visit 365 day an year. But there is some restriction in the current scenario because of Covid-19. Tourism activities has been completely demolished due to this pandemic. But lockdown in India is removing step by step and tourism might be alive soon. But due to the after effect of covid, tourists need to be in a healthy and controlled manner. Most probably, short distance tourism will be the one which will be back to active initially. When short distance tourism inside Kerala become active, Munnar will be on the primary list of most tourists. By keeping social distancing and other healthy measures, short distance tourism can be done and there are some places to visit in Munnar after Covid-19.

Kundala Lake

Kundala Lake is an artificial lake situated 20 kms near Munnar. Kundala arch dam is the source of water for this lake. There are several leisure activities which can be done healthy. Boating and rowing is available here at Kundala Lake. There is no entry fees to this place. For leisure activities like boating, you have to choose a package. Since the boating has the package of 2 to 4 people, there is very less chance that you can get contact with another person and you can enjoy the activities safe.

Tea Museum

Tea Museum is another place to visit on Munnar. After the pandemic, the museum will be under strict guidelines for the customers. Here you can see the process of making tea powder. The place is surrounded by tea plants for acres and the view will always give you a fresh feel.

Top Station

Visitors love Munnar because of the views of the mountains and valleys. To feel the right view of this, you have to visit the Top Station. Top Station is the place with highest altitude of 6170 feet from sea level. The ambience of this place is incredible and you can feel the cool breeze of the fresh air. Most of the visitors who came to visit Munnar won’t miss this place. After Covid-19 pandemic, there will be restrictions to the visitors for a while. This also means that the allowed visitors can enjoy the place without any fear of getting infected.

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hotels in munnar kerala

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