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Welcome To AmberDale Luxury Hotel & Spa, Munnar

Best Luxury Hotels in Munnar

Of dawns that paint the skies in amber hues, of breeze that unfurls the mist, of treetops that sway to the winds, of the verdant green that carpets the hillocks; discover the many kaleidoscopic stories that unfold before your eyes and soak in the untainted natural beauty alongside the best 5 star Hotel in Munnar.

Welcome to Amber Dale – Munnar hotel bookings, a luxurious nature retreat set in the idyllic highlands of Munnar, for an unforgettable experience of the undulating expanse of mountains, sweeping meadows, meandering green hills and the cuddling fog. Treat yourself to the comforts and opulence of our hospitality and service across our 50 luxurious rooms while you behold yourself to the magnificent sights and tranquillity that Munnar has to offer.

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Our magnificent resort is placed to the highest from sea level - 1532 meter focussed in Pallivasal, the breeze-in point of Munnar. Witness the fall in temperature, as low as zero-touched to the chilling days here. As the climate can dip even lower in Pallivasal, normally air condition is not required. In fact, we offer a natural tone of ventilation to your comforts. If needed, we are ready-packed with heaters and air coolers, pointing as the best 5 star luxury resort you can opt-in Munnar

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For a holiday experience like none other, indulge in our finest amenities and services crafted for your sheer delight with the best 5 star resort in Munnar. From the relax occupied suits, dive in to our delicious and luxury range of edibles with pleasing ambience to the Ayurveda longevities which can recall your inner presence to the high. Marking as the best resort with all etiquette offerings to the focal point of Munnar, we stand to deliver all your favours under Amberdale Resort.


Take a culinary voyage across a selection of cuisines ranging from eclectic Kerala dishes to continental delicacies.

Ayurveda & Spa

Rejuvenate your body while you relax your yourself, with our Ayurveda & Spa facilities designed to pamper you.

Special Offers

Choose from our specially designed offers and indulge in the finest range of luxurious services in your dream holiday.

When our mind heads to Munnar honeymoon resorts, Amberdale comes to you with electrifying activities that can cherish your eternal bond. The best moments seek special offerings, and where else to delve other than the best 5 star hotels in Munnar above the gree-lush thicket. Get skied with your visit, adjoining hard-core trekking, nature cycling, jungle jeep safari, outdoor exploration and a lot to invent with the moonlit moments under the stars. Lurk into the comfort of nature evoking the best moments of joy together.

The Hive Kanthalloor -

Away from the city storm, into the wild tint of nature jewelled with blooming buds and fruitage, kondody Group is all set hot to trot the land of Kanthalloor with a captive hideout. The gateway of the forest life ignites the best eternal and perpetual walkthrough the jungle amidst the appealing charm of Idukki. With a spread of tropical thicket that surrounds, uncut your eyes to witness the spectacular fruitage cover that can capture the best smiles in you. If Amberdale can make you feel heart-rich by its canopy flush in Munnar, The Hive Kanthalloor can fill your soul with blooming aroma of the wild - Ready to host you soon...

"Make your hearts murmur to the best rhythm of nature!"

munnar hotel booking

Frequently Asked Questions

What can Amberdale offer us more?

Standing amidst the lush canopy and tea plantations with gentle breezy environs, we offer you the best scenic view and comfort in Munnar. Marvellous suites of comforts, Jacuzzi, cuisine attractions, top-notch amenities, trekking and outdoor activities mark our highlight, being your best resorts in Munnar.

Are you providing a candlelight dinner?

Yes, unlock your secret world of honeymoon to the candlelight dinner under the moonlit sky to amour the soulful moments in you. As the top Munnar honeymoon resorts, we make your magic moments fruitful to the very need.

Is there an Ayurveda spa?

Yes, we provide the best Ayurveda treatments and packages that can envy your essence of life. Refresh your minds and rejuvenate your body in our specialised Ayurveda spa with a varied feel of comfort. Unlock your special luxury resort packages right now.

What all leisure activities are you providing?

As the best 5 star resorts in Munnar, we can take you to a wide range of leisure activities starting from indoor games, music nights and cooking demonstrations towards outdoor moments of cycling, vivid trekking and plantation visits. To know more, get in touch with our activity list.