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hotels in munnar kerala

Best Ways To Reach Munnar From Cochin

hotels in munnar kerala

best hotels in munnar

hotels in munnar kerala

Cochin, the queen of the Arabian Sea, lies amidst to all travel destinations of Kerala. When your travel plans stay high enough to hit the frozen Munnar, the best place to be in will be Cochin without a doubt. You could have many possible alternatives to pick from Cochin when your mind yells for Munnar. But there are some other things to look up before opting your travel modes. Your travelling comforts play a vital role when searching the perfect Munnar reach out. Similarly, the best 5 star hotels in Munnar has its significance too while making plans for your bitter Munnar days.

Munnar is around 130 kilometres away from Kochi. It barely takes 3-4 hours to reach Munnar. If you are that enthusiastic for a self-drive, the best route you can pick towards Munnar is through Kochi - Muvattupuzha - Kothamangalam - Neriamangalam - Adimali - Munnar.

Cab from Cochin to Munnar

Pick your best cabs from different points in Kochi. If you stand nearby Ernakulam Railway Station or Cochin International Airport, you can unlock their cab facilities to Munnar. It will be a prepaid service with a separation of 115 kilometres to the chilling land. The prepaid price will be more, but an assured safety ride is on track. Also, they will be able to guide you towards opulent hotels and 5 star resorts in Munnar.

Bus Service from Cochin to Munnar

If you love to travel on buses, you can avail numerous bus services to Munnar from KSRTC station in Cochin. It is an affordable means of reaching the jagging up hill’s. At the same time, you can have the best glance of beautiful sightings while trailing towards the scenic land. Just sit and adore the nature to the window seats of comfort. Once you have reached, get in touch with one of five star hotels in Munnar to have the refreshing touch of a long journey.

Train Services

If you wish to explore the underlying sideways to the scenic land, how about having a rail journey? There is no perfect rail service to Munnar. You can end up in Angamaly or Aluva, which is the nearest station. Pack up from there availing your suitable mode of transport to the land of natural essence. You can also look for best packages connecting Munnar from Cochin.

Flight Services

If Munnar is a long reach from your place, the best way is to connect with flight service to the nearest Cochin International Airport. It can limit the time spent on travel and also offers maximum comfort. Once you land in Cochin, choose a cab or best package that would take you directly to Munnar.

Best Travel Package

You can find many travel packages from Cochin to Munnar. It is a bit difficult to know which the best option. So always try to have your worthy research on tour operators. Take the best suggestions from your friends that can guide you to the best package connecting Munnar days. You can have the extra safety, organized schedules and top amenities from the best 5 star hotels in Munnar.

Beside all these modes of transport, if you need that exploring, chilling expeditions, self-drive would be the best pick. People with the best road skills and travelling minds explore the most. You can wave your way towards the tranquil land of hidden surprises. Feel the freedom with expenses, choice of stay and the breath-taking encounters, to the Munnar days of frozen clime.

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