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hotels in munnar kerala

The essence of April and the mist of Munnar

hotels in munnar kerala

best hotels in munnar

hotels in munnar kerala

Munnar and the magic of her breeze run throughout the year. The mesmerizing solitude of her warm hugs is the ultimate takeaway during the April- May months in Munnar. When in the sixteenth century Britons came to South India, they were enchanted by the beauty of the queen of Nilgiris and immediately made it their summer escapade destination of India. The touch of the colonial inhabitants and the relics of their architectural beauty is still visible as an aesthetic inclusion in the crown of Munnar.

The foggy hills, the bewitching ambiance, and her welcoming breeze are all solace to everyone who visits Munnar. With the advent of tourism, Munnar has seen the growth of some very best hotels and top resorts of the country, which provides in and out services throughout the year. The tourism sector in Munnar is beaming with the world-renowned hospitality of these top resorts and hotels and with their vivid features, they offer a memorable and delightful stay for all their national and international visitors. The best 5 star hotels in Munnar are always ready to embrace and welcome their visitors and excite them with their amusing offers. Munnar is what you seek; the ecstatic beauty of Munnar is that she can turn into an adventurous confidante who will bring out the Tom Cruise in you and at the same time she can be your romantic partner who can light up the Hugh Grant within you. Therefore, Munnar is the best getaway point for all your travel plans. You can visit and explore the vast and lush tea plantations with your family, you can enjoy a thrilling hike with your friends and you can plan a romantic honeymoon getaway with your partner. Munnar is ready to satisfy all your ultimate goals of vacation along with her exotic natural beauty and with the premier and best luxury hotels on her sleeve.

A belle for the eye

April- May months are for the sun to shine bright in Kerala. The vacation months of April and May are primarily the hottest months around the year of the state and hence amidst these hot waves, a journey to the mystic hills of Munnar would be a soothing experience. The engaging and elegant offers of the best luxury hotels in Munnar is an add-on with the breathtakingly beautiful view of the sun-kissed Munnar.

Food, fun, and family

Vacation is not a need but a want for every individual. Finding good food and fun are the two main aspects of a good vacation. The spice-scented air of Munnar and the unique and traditional Kerala and Tamil Nadu food palette can satisfy your heart and soul. The season is also perfect for a wild and adventurous escapade into the rolling beauty of the hills of Munnar.

Love is always in the air.

A walk among the tea plantations, a stroll through the hills, romantic boating, and a wonderful stargazing night are a must for you all honeymoon days. Munnar comprises all these and much more, the best part of it is the availability of the best honeymoon resorts in Munnar.

The souvenirs of joy

The shopping sphere of Munnar is limited but extravagant. From handcrafted artifacts to a homemade chocolate treat, we can shop and find anything and everything to buy, view, and taste in Munnar. A natural blend, aromatic tea powder is must buy entity from Munnar.

Embrace the chilly morning with a golden sunrise while sipping a hot coffee and enjoying the rolling hills and secluded valleys of Munnar far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Munnar is offering all that we need in the myriad of this over- embellished life. Munnar is calling you!

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