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hotels in munnar kerala

Spring Time & The Dancing Flowers of Munnar!

hotels in munnar kerala

best hotels in munnar

hotels in munnar kerala

What about vacationing Munnar in the springtime? The painted hue, fragrant ambient and the morning mist seem astonishing to watch in the springtime. If you missed out on the chance in winter, spring awaits you in Munnar with refreshment. The period where everything blooms from the earth, colouring the land with beauty and admiration. Where else to long other than the Munnar paradise that shines evergreen. The Western belted Ghats dance to the rhythm of life, and tourists flock towards the luxury resorts in Munnar to witness the refreshing and captivating charm. When the buds bloom out, aim your eyes here. It's everything sprung to the sprinting days. The trees, grass, flowers, and even the animals show their gratitude for the pleasant season.

Honeymoon the Munnar Spring

If you are yet to kickstart your journey after marriage, walk through the bloom bed of Munnar. Munnar has all that you seek in the springtime. From the comfort of Munnar honeymoon resorts, make the best plans to set your limitless time and days. Amazing views, aromatic bed of flowers, water glances, hilltop gaze and the hideout trails and experiences connect you to the mystic Munnar days. The alluring climate can ignite the best moments where you can hold the time with your beloved. Get along with thrilling activities and mindful walks, witnessing the colourful shades of Munnar to the springtime. Nothing can beat the time and tranquil surroundings that nature displays.

Activities to connect the spring

People receive the warmest welcome from Munnar in the springtime. Travel enthusiasts, nature lovers, seasonal photographers, vacationing families, riders and friends converge to a pleasant time. While they can unlock the best resorts in Munnar with ample offerings and amenities, there are numerous activities to reach out to.

1. Nature Walk

The best activity to associate the wild with your steps. These can be small morning or evening walks facing the colourful shades of nature. It can also be trekking’s (soft and hard-core) towards high hilltops through the forest terrains and tea plantations. Admire the beauty associated with the rejuvenated and fresh sprouting’s of the land with your trail.

2. Cycling

Oh! It's beautiful and energetic to cycle the fun inside you while you stay with the best hotels in Munnar. Munnar also comes with exquisite 5-star resorts offering cycle trails across the land that gleams the fresh vibes of spring. Honeymoon couples and children find the activity a bit more interesting.

3. Night campfire

Who can avoid the campfire when the cold breeze wheezes? A stay packed with the top resorts in Munnar gives you the chance to unlock a campfire beneath the stars of shine. It's the best time to gather in the night with playful activities and chatter. Everyone can enjoy the time beside the litten fire.

4. Open Kitchen

Be a little chef of yourself. Indulge in the best hotels and resorts with cooking demonstrations and have an open kitchen of taste. You can master the perfect culinary cuts and let everyone relish the taste. An ideal combination for your tummy with a learning experience can prove the worth and interesting deeds. Let everyone gather to the open kitchen time of Munnar.

5. Jeep Safari

Trekking is fun, and connecting a jeep to trek the uneven trails is even more fun. Munnar stays unexplored and untouched with many parts that can bounce your heart. Here is where a jeep safari to the hills above can make your holiday insane. Make the time count with adventure and unexpected sightings while you trek Munnar. Sway to the uneven terrains inside the jeep, eye-catching the best captures of Munnar.

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