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hotels in munnar kerala

Relishing Romance In The Misty And Magical Munnar

hotels in munnar kerala

best hotels in munnar

hotels in munnar kerala

As quoted by someone a long time ago…love makes you do all the crazy things! Out of all the emotions love is the one thing that keeps your senses delighted with the colours and flavours of promising and bright days ahead. Some even say that this is a feeling that even outlives the time relativity theory - the time spent with your lover passes really fast and the time when you are not with them passes really slow. Love is the one thing that adds joy to some people's life. A marriage sets the start to a beautiful journey for any couple and most couples prefer being married at a point in time. The journey that they take right after their marriage is important - it helps to build trust, know each other a little better ( if it's an arranged one) and is a complete stress buster and relief provider after the rush of the grand marriage.

Marriages in India are typically considered and conducted with all their grandeur. The celebrations and the planning for it starts months before it. For some people, the planning starts a bit too before and each partner might be having ideas and aspirations on how their marriage should be. A honeymoon will surely take away all the tensions and rush of the wedding and can serve as one of the best starts to your wedding.

If you are looking for the most romantic destinations in India for your honeymoon, then Munnar is the paradise that you have always been looking for. So come and relish romance in the misty and magical Munnar!

The most romantic start

The misty hills, the soft and lush green cover, the wide stretches of tea, coffee and all kinds of spice plantations and a climate that adorns cool breezes makes Munnar one of the most romantic destinations in India. You can also explore one of the best honeymoon resorts in Kerala here.

Vistas that will make you dance to any romantic track

There are certain elements that make up a romantic destination. You might have read about it or you would have watched all about it from the mainstream movie industry. Romance is often depicted with warm vistas, soothing romantic music tracks, flowers, sunrises and whatnot. Munnar has misty hills, long valleys, flowers and lushes of green cover that will surely put you on a romantic track and make you feel that you are in a romantic movie scene.

Adventure - A call away

Sometimes just the bloom of beautiful vistas is not just enough. People craving some adventure sports is quite common. It deepens the bond and who doesn't love to taste the thrills of hills, valleys and the river??

So get ready with your safety gear and prepare for adventure in Munnar because it has got a plethora of options for you.

A place far away from your town that fits right in your budget!

Munnar with its one of a kind experiences is a paradise that you can explore if you are looking for a place that is not too far away and can get you all the treats within your budget. Munnar has all the fancy and romantic offerings that every lover asks for. So to get great offers on one of the best 5 star hotels in Munnar - ring us today and let us do the planning for you!!

Taking home the souvenirs of your first trip home!

Munnar is filled with views that will surely win the photogenic in you. You can make photos to cherish for a lifetime here. You can also take home regional handicrafts, homemade chocolates, and fresh spices from here. You can also bring joy to your shopaholic partner!

Munnar has everything that you can ask for in a romantic honeymoon with your partner. The climate, the places to explore, people and food can all bring you the most exotic and romantic experience for you and your partner. To stay in one of the best hotels in Munnar - call us today and hear about all the items to add to your itinerary to make it truly irresistible! Come experience romance and treat your partner with tons of love!

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