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hotels in munnar kerala

Rejuvenation in Munnar Tourism - Best Resorts With Safer Guidelines

hotels in munnar kerala

best hotels in munnar

hotels in munnar kerala

Who doesn't like to feel the comfort of best 5 star resorts in Munnar and getaway to the misty dusk ahead?

There comes a stage in our life where we all have our travel plans and leisure stay of comforts other than our home. The stage has its own reasons, for some this may be an escape to their normal life, and for some this may be their passion. From person to person, the travel world differs in perspectives and their vision. One who likes mountains and hills may differ in desire with the one who likes lakes and waterfalls. The absence of fragrance in our life could often be picked up with some leisure get away with the comfort of best 5 star hotels and the luxury way of living for some days. We often like to wander around with our best companion to all possible paths we could cherish and a stay back with all amenities from the best luxury resorts in Munnar will definitely overpower our heart with a relaxed feeling and emotion. The freedom of our minds could only be explored with a traveling noise to its comfort. Out of a 100 people on a stat if we look, all of us would like to travel but fails to express or have their way to. This dilemma of travel relates us to holidays and breaks where we could explore the very us.

Top Resorts and Tourism in Munnar to the Wake of Pandemic!

At the very beginning to the midst of the pandemic, it saw a decrease and complete shutdown to many industries including the tourism sector with the best resorts and hotels, especially in Munnar facing the crisis. As a sign of the break relief, now the doors are again open to the world of tourism once again. Kerala, gods own country declared its rejuvenation process to the world of tourism at the very beginning of October, which made many get away destinations and top resorts in Kerala opened for the travel minds mainly in top tourist places such as Munnar. Now the key is in our hands to unveil the leisure in our favourite destines, resorts and hotels. The opening has been a huge lift for the underlying top resorts and hotels in Munnar which offers the beauty of the location with its peaceful stay and luxury comforts to whomever it welcomes. During the period of crisis there was a minimum number of people settled within their resorts and stay’s exploring the nearby areas with the tranquil peace it offered. As the period turns with beauty, more and more visitors will be allowed by the best resorts and hotels as a rejuvenation process to the current situation in Munnar.

Safeness Matters First

  1. Ensure availability of hygiene and sanitation equipment with social distancing as a prior importance to every top resorts and hotels working in Kerala.
  2. Thermal Gun thermometer for temperature checking of staff and guests.
  3. Hand Sanitizers, hand gloves and masks to be made available in the reception area of all resorts and hotels of stay for their staffs as well as for the visitors with sufficient disinfectants.
  4. Ensure check-in formalities are completed in contact less manner (QR code/online forms).
  5. Guest details to be sent in advance for guest registration along with identity cards and any other valid information’s pre required for the hotel or resort.
  6. Information on travel history & medical condition is recommended to be captured for all guests.
  7. Travel schedules and plans should be sought from the guests to ensure traceability.
  8. Guests should inform at reception using intercom or personal mobile, an hour before the check-out.
  9. All payments to be made via online platforms to the very extent.
  10. Ensure proper cleaning and sanitizing to all best hotels, top resorts and home stay's after every check outs.

The Post Pandemic Era of Munnar

One major thing we are witnessing is the peaceful serenity that comes back to our favourite destines especially with Munnar and its offerings. The land might hold its natural warmth than ever before, the water would seem astonishingly clearer and the canopy is turning lusher than before. These eye cracking moments should be felt with soul and grace with our hearts making the most out of our travel destinations. The best hotels and resorts in Kerala along with all ideal tourist spots will be freshened up and overwhelmed to welcome you with all safety measures under packed.

Of all the getaway reaches, Munnar holds its fame in Kerala as the most attracted destination to explore with its charm packed with the best resorts and hotels along with the longevity it produces to the eye of witnessed. The way Munnar nestles its waterfalls, hillocks, green flown forests, flowery fragrance and climate all contributes to its beauty and rich sights that are to be explored. To be in there with this natural charm offered is by the nature could gleam us with sheer joy and pleasure.

‘‘Get away to your favourite destines in Munnar, have a safe life ahead’’

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