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hotels in munnar kerala

KSRTC bus services from Munnar

hotels in munnar kerala

best hotels in munnar

hotels in munnar kerala

The KSRTC conducts regular bus services from Munnar to major destinations across the state to provide ease of access to visitors travelling to and fro from the hill station.

Below listed is the schedule of services of KSRTC from Munnar.


Time Starting Point Destination
04.40 Munnar Ernakulam
05.40 Munnar Ernakulam
06.25 Munnar Ernakulam (Kallar)
07.40 Munnar Ernakulam
08.10 Munnar Ernakulam
08.40 P/Nagar Ernakulam (Kallar)
09.20 Munnar Ernakulam
10.45 Munnar Ernakulam (Anachal)
11.10 Munnar Ernakulam (Anachal)
12.20 Munnar Ernakulam
12.55 Munnar Ernakulam
13.10 Munnar Ernakulam
13.10 Munnar Ernakulam
13.40 Munnar Ernakulam
14.00 Munnar Ernakulam
16.20 Munnar Ernakulam
17.15 Munnar Aluva
18.00 Munnar Aluva
19.00 Munnar Ernakulam


Time Starting Point Destination
04.50 Munnar TVM (Kallar)
10.30 Munnar TVM (Anachal)
11.40 Munnar TVM(Kallar) ALP-Kollam (Kallar)
12.50 Mattuppetty TVM
15.10 Munnar TVM-NTA (Kallar)
17.30 Munnar TVM (Kallar)
20.00 Munnar TVM (Minnal)
21.00 Munnar TVM


Time Starting Point Destination
06.40 Munnar Alappuzha
07.20 Munnar Cherthala
13.10 Munnar Alappuzha
14.20 Munnar Alappuzha (Kallar)
14.45 Munnar Alappuzha
15.20 Munnar Alappuzha


Time Starting Point Destination
08.00 Munnar Kottayam
10.50 Kanthalloor Kottayam, Pala (Kallar)
11.30 Munnar Kottayam, Anachal


Time Starting Point Destination
06.30 Munnar Kumaly
10.00 Munnar Kattappana (Adimali), (Kallar)
10.20 Munnar Thodupuzha (Kallar)
12.10 Munnar Adimali
15.10 Munnar Adimali
16.35 Munnar Adimali - Muniyara
17.00 Munnar Adimali
17.35 Munnar Adimali
20.10 Munnar Adimali
20.30 Munnar Adimali

Other destinations

Time Starting Point Destination
06.00 Palani Kottarakkara (Kallar)
14.30 Munnar Palakkad
10.20 Munnar Thodupuzha (Kallar)
14.50 Munnar Kodungallur (via Aluva)
15.30 Munnar Bangalore
16.35 Munnar Thiruvambady (KKD) (Kallar)

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