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hotels in munnar kerala

Capturing The Beauty Of The Blooming Munnar - Flower Show 2022!

hotels in munnar kerala

best hotels in munnar

hotels in munnar kerala

Imagine that you are out on a walk. The soft rays of the sun are making your skin glow, the wind is brushing your hair, the soothing smell of flowers is making you fall in love with them and when you open your eyes it's a dreamy and colourful treat of fully bloomed flowers and lush greenery. How do you feel? Did the lightest thought of this bring a smile to your face and a plan in your heart?

It's time to bloom the plans and the nature lover in you because the time is here. Munnar is open with its one of a kind extravagant flower show. The District tourism department is putting up a 10 day fragrant and visually immersive flower show at the District tourism promotion council's botanical garden, Munnar. It will start on May 1st and will be blooming till May 10th.

It will be a treat to all your senses and you can relax, rejuvenate and refresh your fast pace work life. So while enjoying your visit here, stay at one of the best hotels in Munnar - for great offers on bookings; reach out to us!

So what are the perks for every traveller who visits this flower show?

Some exciting days on the laps of nature

Munnar is truly a destination that is a feast for nature lovers. It has got everything that a refreshing getaway asks for. Every person who visits Munnar will be able to tell tales of fascination. The breath-taking vistas, the charming nature and plantation walks, the adventurous activities, the food and the several other experiences that Munnar provides are truly unmatched and unfiltered.

A lush visual treat

Every visitor will be blessed with a lush and colourful visual treat of the amusing flowers, greenery of every kind and the tender buds that are about to bloom. This year the organisers are putting up a show with more than a thousand varieties of flowers. These also include some varieties of flowers from the countries abroad. So what more do you need? Make a plan and call us to book one of the best 5 star hotels in Munnar!

A blast of fresh fragrance

Like we said before, the Munnar flower show is going to be a treat for all your senses. Apart from the magnificent visual treat, every traveller will also be able to experience a blast of the fresh fragrance of these flowers. You can see them blooming and bring home the freshness of these flowers by capturing each one of them in your memory and on your devices as photographs and even videos!

Various regional and cultural art programmes

The District tourism department is also planning to conduct vibrant regional and cultural programmes for the school and college students nearby. Every visitor will be able to enjoy these programmes and light up their moods with enthusiasm and energy at end of the day. There will also be shows and presentations that give you a glance at tribal life and their livelihood.

A learning opportunity for all the nature lovers

Do nature and its plant life make you curious? Then this is the opportunity for the curious mind in you. Learn about the various flowers, its plant, the essentials to grow them and every other information relating to them. You have the opportunity to observe and learn about every flowering plant that is showcased here.

Relax and rewind in Munnar

Once the flowers feed your hunger for freshness and their soothing effect you can wander, rest, relax and rewind in Munnar. Munnar has got a plethora of options, for you to explore. Choose from the ones that you love and create a customised itinerary for yourself.

Munnar is a beautiful destination that you can visit all year long. The Munnar flower show is one of the experiences that you cannot miss out on. It will enchant you with all its amusements. Come experience this bundle of joy with one of the finest luxury hotels in Munnar and make this memory an everlasting one. Visit with your friends, family, colleagues from work or your partner because Munnar is waiting for you with all her surprises. So don’t miss out on this bright week in Munnar – plan and make it happen!

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